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Meet Halima

10 year+ Veteran Wedding Planner & Coach

to Wedding Planners just like you

When I first started my wedding planning business I knew I was a great planner, I just couldn't book the right brides. 

  • When I got ghosted by a bride I followed up with a discount.

  • I priced my packages way too low because I didn't think I was good enough to charge anymore.

  • I constantly refreshed my inbox, only to find nothing but crickets.

I knew something needed to change.

I spent so much time going over data, trial and error, and not to mention, making ridiculously expensive mistakes. Luckily for you, you don't have to make the mistakes and lose out on the money I did.

I finally perfected my consultation system, created a never ending referral funnel, and positioned myself as the expert wedding planner. 

I went from 0 weddings, to fully booked in less than 12 months. I even had to hire a team to take on all of the weddings.

Now, I help planners, just like you, book more brides and hit 6 figures in their business through my proven systems, without spending a ton on marketing. 

Want to learn more? Watch my free training.

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